Handling the Challenge of Automation with Data Analytics


Our client operates in manufacturing industry. The company manufactures and traditional garments and has over 50 channels of distribution.


The main hurdle for our client was lack of automation. This results in delays, inefficiencies, and errors. The manual intervention of tasks is a time-consuming and error-prone process for the company.

Another considerable problem faced by our client was poor predictive analytics. The client stated that the manual prediction based on statistics and charts was not so accurate and precise. The risk factor was still inherent in the business during to poor predictive analytics.


We, at Providentia with the team of our client to closely scrutinize their tender spots and finally concluded to offer them the solution of data analytics for their stumbling blocks.

Data analytics analyses raw data and will provide the organization with necessary and actionable insights that are accurate. This would allow the company to operate with confidence and avoid risks in the future. Risk mitigation feature of data analytics was crucial for our client.

Data analytics offers analytical process automation which speeds up the decision-making procedure. It turns the inputs into results with no manual errors. Providentia helped our client’s technical team to adapt to the necessary changes made in their operating pattern.



Providentia left no stone unturned to resolve their technical issues. Data analytics resulted as their savior in the times of risks and lack of automation.

  • Improvement in decision-making processes by 57%
  • Reduction in risks by 67%
  • Decline in manual errors by 77%
  • Increase in the overall efficiency of business by 55%

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