Improving Supply Chain Management by Establishing Control Towers


Our client is a pharmaceutical distributor. Our client deals in both retail and wholesale markets and own distribution centers in the metropolitan cities



The major challenge faced by our client was supply chain management. Lack of effective collaboration between different elements of the supply chain further stirs the problem. 

The client stated that their supply chain strategy is suitable for stable business conditions and lacks new and better perspective.

The client expressed the need for improved KPIs, real time visibility, and interactive dashboards. The company was in urgent need of technologically advanced solutions to improve their scalability and accelerate efficiency of their organization.


We, at Providentia acknowledge the raw spots of the company and looked for the solution that would fulfil their requirements and needs. We offered them the solution of Cloud computing.

Cloud computing can provide the company with the benefit of Control towers. Establishing control tower will help the company to coordinate the elements of supply chain by connecting the trading partners and service providers.

Broadly, it will provide the company with the benefit of – integrated transaction system, analytics, and improved KPIs. Integrated transactional system will help the company with dashboard and real time visibility. Analytics will take care of root cause and risk analysis.

Business impact

Control tower is an ideal solution for our client as it provides actionable insights, effective collaboration, automated execution, and organizational flexibility.

  • Improvement in organizational efficiency by 76%
  • Increase in collaboration by 62%
  • Increase in speed and scalability by 66%

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