Enabling Global Automotive Distributor to Increase Profit with Data Analytics Platform


Our client deals in automotive distribution. Our client specializes in engine, transmission systems, front and rear axle, steering, and tires.



Our client expresses his need to become a data driven company. The company wanted to introduce the benefits of agility, customization, and retain more customers. The problem to their desire was dearth of a strong and secured platform to ensure customer retention and improve brand loyalty.


Another obstacle to the company’s path of growth and expansion is managing the current flow of data and the problem of outdated legacy systems. The company aims at introducing analytics to eliminate customer problems.



Providentia engineered the twin benefits of data science and data engineering to suit the necessary requirements of our client. Our client can get their applications employed at a faster pace without excessive maintenance.


Providentia helped the company to utilize scalable data pipeline for advanced data analytics and business intelligence. The company can easily plan, organize, and manage their operations easily on Cloud infrastructure.


With Cloud and business intelligence, the company can make data driven decision and access actionable insights without affecting their pockets. It optimizes cloud costs to the budget defined.


Business impact

High reliability, business intelligence reporting, and data quality validation proved to be a perfect blend of solution for our client.


  • Increase in the revenue generation of the sales team by 40%
  • Improvement in customer retention rate by 37%
  • Increase in the overall profits by 42%

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