Improving Cost Saving through Automation for Cyber Security Company


Our client is a cyber security company. Our client deals in a wide range of works in the field of information technology (IT) ranging from offering network security, infrastructure protection to threat detection.



The major problem faced by our client is the subsequent data arising from positive business trends over the past few years. The issue witnessed by the company has disrupted the existing storage of the company and has led to operational risk for the company. The company’s cause of worrying is the persistent downward trend in the computing capability of the company.


To overcome this problem, the company aims to migrate to a platform that absorbs safely its large data sets with low costs. To sum up, the company looked for the twin benefit of data security and low costs.



Providentia was keen on administering the best solution for our client providing solution to their issue of dealing with large data sets and providing them with a safe working environment.


Providentia understood the need and requirements of the client and decided to migrate to Databricks. Data bricks will help our client to overcome operational inefficiency in the day-to-day operations of the business. Its data mapping validation features elevated the security feature of Databricks.


Data bricks is a scalable platform that aligns with the needs of the company. Databricks reduces the operational and processing cost of the company and provides multiple other benefits such as faster insights and enhanced automation. Our client can now speed up the operations thereby accessing prominent level of operational efficiency.


Business impact

Accessing the solution of Databricks to their previously faced issues – the company was now able to store large amount of data and records with maximized security and at minimized costs.


  • Lowered processing costs by 25%
  • 50% effort reduction
  • Improved data team productivity by 64%
  • Reduction in processing cost by 30%

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