Ensuring Improved Efficiency with Machine Learning


Our client operates in clothing industry globally. Our client deals in purchase of raw materials, manufacturing, and storage and distribution of the finished products.



Our client’s working hours are swamped with documents and records across the board in the form of purchase and sales bills. However, the client felt that the data and records lacked proper structure and consistency. The analysts had to sort through the large volumes of data manually to find the required records.


The process of sorting and then analyzing the data sets to know the marketing and sales performance was time consuming and deeply affected the consistency of business operations. It caused delays in the work procedure and sometimes even, resulted in lack of coordination among the various departments.



Extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary actions! Providentia understood the demands and requirements of our client. Providentia’s team helped the company to upload the documents of Cloud infrastructure and provided a unique identification number for tracking the solution.


Machine learning extracts the data from unstructured documents thus making it easier to analyse. Therefore, enabling the supervisors of the company to keep a close eye at the performance of the various departments of the company. The service of business intelligence dashboards helps the organization by providing actionable insights and take data driven solutions.


Intelligent KPI monitoring, interactive dashboards and machine learning is what the company needed as a solution to their current problems.


Business impact

The solution offered by Providentia helped the client’s company to gain momentum by removing the barriers to their delayed work processes and reduced manual working hours of the analyzing team.


  • Reduction in manual working hours by 56%
  • Increase in structured insights by 50%
  • Increase in overall productivity by 49%

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