Improving Business Efficiency with Cloud


Our client belongs to educational sector. Our client runs 10+ coaching institutes and offers training to students aspiring for multiple competitive examinations.



Lack of security made our client’s question the transparency and privacy of records and data. The organization lost flexibility and resulted in increased operational costs. Our client has been in the clutches of data loss and cyber threats twice which now calls for immediate action.


Another challenge that hampered the growth of the organization was their un-scalable and rigid infrastructure. Our client was also looking for the solution of increased storage and easy sharing of files. The inconvenience caused by their present infrastructure created a demand for a better and advanced infrastructure that bridges their pain points.



Providentia successfully understood the pain points of our client and suggested them to migrate to cloud. Migrating to Cloud is the perfect the perfect solution for the issues faced by our client. Cloud aligns well with their currently faced problems of – lack of security and privacy, less storage, complex sharing, and inflexibility.


Cloud infrastructure provides its users with the highest level of transparency and preserving their data against all forms of cyber threats. Cloud offers the feature of automatic backup of data hence the data can be recovered from Cloud files.

Providentia coordinated well with the client’s team to migrate to cloud. We ensured that the company leverages the benefits of – sound risk management, high scalability, increased convenience and reduced in costs of Cloud.


Business impact

The client was satisfied with Providentia’s solution of Cloud migration that led the organization to defeat their previously faced issues. It led to increase in organizational efficiency and decrease in operational costs.


  • Reduction in costs by 30%
  • Reduction in data loss and threats by 85%
  • Overall increase in business efficiency by 68%

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