Centralized Analytical Platform with Control Tower through Data Analytics


Our client handles a leading logistics company. It performs key functions such as transportation, warehousing, packaging, order processing, and inventory management.



Our client reported that excel based reporting that lacked real time analysis. Moreover, excel reporting is not suitable for historical data storage and make it difficult to identify the various trends.


Another challenge faced by our client was manual reporting of data which caused delays in the operation of business activities. Lack of accuracy and data threats further add to the problem faced by our client.



Providentia understood the difficulties faced by the client and decided to a control tower to drive data analytics.

Providentia’s assiduous team provided the company with power business intelligence integration.


Through power business intelligence, Providentia enabled real time analysis, data quality management, data security, data automation, and embedded analytics to resolve the client’s problems.


Providentia’s team created attractive dashboards to do away with the problem of static dashboards.


Information delivery was implemented reports through SQL reporting. We enabled power business intelligence with KPI to monitor the business performance and strengthen decision making. It improves the presentation of business data and records for its internal as well as external users.


Business impact

Power business intelligence acted as a lifeguard for our client who now gained a catbird seat with the solutions provided by Providentia.

  • More informed decision making
  • Reduction in manual errors by 49%
  • Improvement in marketing campaigns and sales by 56%
  • More accurate and relevant reporting

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