Bolstering Supply Chain Management with Cloud Computing


Our client deals in the manufacturing of packed snacks. The company specializes in Namkeen, wafers, salted and flavored chips.



Our client’s major hurdle was rough and uneven business operation which caused constant delays and thereby resulted in poor supply chain management. The client expressed that faulty supply chain management resulted in inaccurate planning and forecasting and hampered the growth and profits of the organization.


Another major issue was data management. Our client deals with large amounts of unsorted data. Manual sorting of data and records further adds to the problem of delay in decision making procedures. Manual sorting something was wide of the mark.


The company was looking for a solution that could resolve the barriers to their growth without creating a whole in their pockets.



Providentia understood the company’s Achilles heel and offered them to render the services of Cloud computing. Cloud computing would solve their said as well as unsaid problems.


Cloud computing strengthens the congruency of the supply chain networks so that the company can easily connect with their suppliers. It would enhance the decision-making in the organization by providing predictive analytics offered by cloud.


The improved automation and enhanced responsiveness would be at the fingertips of the company at minimum costs. A scalable supply chain would result in maximum efficiency, transparency, customer satisfaction, and flexibility.


Business impact

The client was satisfied with the solution of cloud computing offered by Providentia. It helped the company to improve their supply chain management system and avoid manual errors.


  • Improvement in supply chain management by 56%
  • Reduction in errors by 63%
  • Improvement in the overall business operations by 56%

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